Besides bringing into Radix the biggest party in Brazil  and a little bit of our culture, we would like you to be rewarded for being owners of a little piece of our Brazil. We created a rewards program through raffles, and the rarer your NFT, the greater your chances of winning. 

All holders of BabylonCarnival NFTs will have the right of entry to all draws. 

Rank 3001+ Normal: 1x Entry      Rank 1001 – 3000 Rare: 2x Entry      Rank 1 – 1000 Super Rare: 3x Entry 

The prizes will come from the stake rewards of the coins (XRD) collected from the sale of our NFTs and trading fees, that is, the higher the value of the XRD the better the prizes and more winners as well. We will also have prizes from partnerships with other projects. 

It’s very easy. Buy one or more NFTs and you’ll already be participating in all future drawings of the project (except Twitter giveaways) Remember, the rarer your NFT, the better your chances are. 

You can reserve your NFTs through our partner Marketplace Vikingland. 

Where will the donation go and how it will be done will be decided by a vote of the community

Not at the moment, not yet. As soon as trading is released we will let you know via social media. 


1000: 50 XRD  

2500: 75 XRD

6000: 100 XRD  

500: Giveaways/partnerships  

RIO is the native currency of Babylon Carnival. [Future Updates]